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Heaven is laughing at phishing researchers
There is no level of society without mafia action today
Even professors and their assistants
Phish for ideas and realize them behind the back of those
who have generated them
To protect their ass they have developed a right on spied
out information:
Having the right to make use of them!
The question whether the stolen information owners should
be informed is still to be debated.
Not decided yet!!!
Students are blocked to go on studding
Politicians lose their titles
But researchers believe they can use the stolen materials
Without sanctions
Heaven is laughing!!!
Ethics is worked out from higher up $
beyond such looser‘s logics!!
And is unconcerned about such
Ethical concepts!!
Who has a high position is punished
Much more severe than students or
Jobless people
They will not get their stolen awards
And will lose position
Even if mafiosis promise them protection
It is only a time gap
Until ethics hits
Copyright Hanna Morgenthaler Willis

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